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About has been built on several years of experience in managing a tennis association based in the South East of Melbourne, Australia. Software has been created to allow associations to create just about any format of competition, including various types of Singles and/or Doubles competitions.

Scoring can be setup to allow for multiple sets played (i.e. best of 3 or 5), or just the one set. Our team entry system has been designed from the ground up to allow your association's club delegates easy access to enter their teams, and put in all the required information to make it easy for you to grade teams.

Player statistics are kept for you, and are easily searchable. The most recent stats for players are made available when grading via the team sheets.

We hate dealing with long ID numbers to enter players probably just as much as you do, if not more! Let our software take care of long ID numbers. Deal just with the player names. There is no searching on one webpage to get a number to enter on another webpage for players on this site! can host your associations entire website on our server, allowing you to take care of more meaningful things, like getting on the court and playing tennis! We make regular backups every few hours of the database to an offsite location, so in the event of something going very very bad, you can be assured that your scores and teams are safe. Software updates are done for you, which is even less to worry about!

Use our Content Management System to publish web pages that are simple to make and easy to update. We can even store your files such as photos. Customise the look of your pages to suit your associations style. won't lock you into the default look and feel.

We can also help you setting up an email list, so you can email specific groups of website users (such as record keepers or club delegates), or an entire user base. Tell everybody about your upcoming events and promotions. Have your players signup to an email list via a simple to use web page.

Draws are made easy with - Club delegates have already entered all the team details, all that you need to do is the gradings and entering of the draw numbers. Team managers are emailed login details for you, so they can access the draws and personalised scorecards. Anybody can access a personalised draw for their team. has built the software for you. It's ready to go right now for your association...

If you want to know what can do for your association, or schedule a demonstration, please get in touch. If your in Melbourne, we can come to you, otherwise we can use a videolink so that you can see the benefits.